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Annette Evertson is an ordinary US citizen. She came into the highlight as Shawn Bradley's wife. Her husband is a famous former professional basketball player.

Bradley's wife Evertson was public but most of the information was not available. She is not active on any social media platforms. She has kept a very low profile.

After more than 15-years of marriage, the couple parted ways. After the divorce, Shawn exchanged vows yet again, but what about Annette Evertson? What is she doing now? Find out about her wiki, parents, children, and more!

Who is Annette Evertson? Her Wiki

Annette Evertson was born on 13th August 1968, in Utah, the United States, one of two daughters between Karyn Evertsen and her husband. She spent the major portion of her childhood in West Valley, Utah. Besides, she has English ancestry and belongs to American nationality.

She studied at a local school located in West Valley, UT.

On the other hand, her former celebrity husband Shawn was born on March 22, 1972. He is the son of Rener and Teresa Bradley.

Bodyweight and Height

Annette has a very pleasing personality. She has fair skin and is very beautiful and gorgeous.

She stands at a height of 5.3 ft height. Her eyes are dark brown and her hair color is blonde.

Annette Everston and Shawn Bradley Relationship: How did they first meet?

Annette and Shawn firstly met at the Mormon church in Philadelphia. She was in the church to talk about her mission experience in South Florida. And Bradley was in between the crowd.

Bradley mentioned that he fell in love at first sight and was awestruck by Annette's beauty. The duo introduced themselves to each other, and before you know it, they started dating.

While they were in a relationship, the pair used to spend a lot of time together. Whenever Shawn was out practicing she would always wait for him outside the matches hall.

Their relationship was in the spotlight due to their immense height difference

From the beginning, their relationship was in the great spotlight due to their height difference. The couple maintains the highlight because of their huge height difference, while Shawn is about 7 feet and 6 inches, Annette stands at about 5 feet and 3 inches.

Shawn Bradley Annette Evertson husband (1)
Annette's spouse Shawn stands at a resounding height of 7ft

Everyone was judgemental and criticized the couple but they never gave up on their love. And after a few months of their lovey-dovey, they decided to get married.

Their Wedding

They get married in the presence of only important people in a very dream wedding destination. They exchanged vows on 25th  September 1993 in the Salt Lake temple. Despite all the judgments on their love affairs due to height, both of them never get affected by it.

Bradley also mentioned that Annette has preserved his morals several times on his worst days too.

Annette Evertson and Bradley's children

From their marital life, the couple became a parent of six children. They have four daughters named Chelsea, Ceira, Charity, and Cheyenne, and two sons Chase and Chance.

Annette Evertson Children (1)
Annette with her kids and grand kids. Source: Facebook

Well, Shawn initially wanted 15 kids in total, however, Annette decided to stop popping out babies after seven. Nonetheless, the former flames settled for six, in the end.

Meanwhile, their daughter Charity is an athlete and she plays volleyball for Washington State University.

Annette and Bradley Divorce: What was the reason?

The couple was in a good relationship and were quite happy with each other. Bradley once even mentioned that he cannot imagine her life without Annette. And when the news of their split came to the public, fans were shocked and heartbroken.

At first, news of their separation was not believed, but unfortunately, they were indeed true. Some sources also claimed that she gave her best just so their marriage won't break. But regardless of the efforts given by Annette, their marriage relationship came to an end.

After a blissful married life of 24 years, the couple decided to part ways and end their marriage legally. They took divorce in 2017. The reason behind their divorce is still a mystery.

Sometimes after her divorce, Bradley married Carrie Cannon in January of 2018 and also adopted her three children. On the other hand, Annette hasn't married anyone till now.

Both Annette and Shawn are doing well in their life. Bradley shares happy pictures with his second wife.

Info about her ex-husband

Shawn Bradley is a popular former professional German- American Basketball player. He is nicknamed "The Stormin Mormon" as he is one of the tallest basketball players in NBA history. He played center for the Philadelphia 76ers,  New Jersy Nets, and Dallas Mavericks.

Bradley is also popular as an actor. He played a role in the film Space Jam in 1996, a cameo in a movie named The Singles Ward as an auto mechanic, and also featured in an episode of the series, Walker. He also appeared in a music video paying tribute to Jimmer's Fredette along with featuring in the 30 short documentaries on ESPN 30.

After he got retired he got involved with West Ridge Academy which is a coeducational private school for at-risk youths in West Jordan. He also does a lot of charitable events, and helps donates to the children affected by HIV and AIDS.

In 2021, while riding the bicycle in the street of St.George he got struck from behind by a motorist causing a spinal cord injury to his neck. He was admitted to the hospital for a couple of weeks and underwent neck fusion surgery. In an interview after the operation, he stated that his family is moving toward a wheelchair-friendly house in Texas and to give continuation on his recovery.

Where is Annette Evertson now?

After getting divorced from Bradley, it looks like Annette is not married to anyone. Meanwhile, her husband is now living a happy life with another woman.

Annette Evertson now
Annette is currently single and not married.

Even after the divorce, she is not public rather she has become more private and chosen to stay low-key. She is active on Facebook where she usually posts about her day-to-day life with her kids and family.

Annette net worth

Annette's professional life is not been public and her primary work is also unknown and private. But from the few sources, it has been estimated that her net worth is $600,000.

Whereas her ex-husband is a basketball player and also a well-known actor so his net worth is estimated to be $27 million as of 2022. He earned from promoting and endorsing brands.

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