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Ayesha Hauer, a well-known Swiss actress, and model is the daughter of late actor Rutger Hauer. She is highly known for her outstanding acting in several movies, including Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil (1997), Kick of Death (1997), and Welcome Says the Angel (1996).

Aside from Ayesha's professional career, her personal life is also something to look into, as she is famous for her marriage to her ex-husband Thomas Jane.

So, let's go through this article as we unravel various facts about Ayesha Hauer like- her personal life, parents, siblings, career, husband, net worth, and more.

Ayesha Hauer’ Early Life 

Ayesha is the daughter of Rutger Hauer and Heidi Merz, born on April 1, 1966, in Basel, Switzerland. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

She belongs to the Dutch ethnicity and has Swiss citizenship.

There is not much information on her early childhood days and academic qualifications, but we can assume that she got her degree from a good university.

Does Ayesha have any siblings?

Ayesha is the only child of Rutger Olesen Hauer and Heidi Merz.

Who are Ayesha Hauer's Parents?

She is the only child of the late great actor Rutger Oelsen Hauer and Heidi Merz. Her father was a famous Dutch actor. Along with acting, he was also an avid writer and an environmentalist.  He was born in Breukelen, Utrecht, the Netherlands, on January 23, 1944. His parents, Teunke Hauer and Arend Hauer were both actors and ran an acting school.

Rutger Hauer Daughter
Ayesha's father is a legendary actor.

Rutger's acting career began with the Dutch television series Floris and continued with Turkish Delight (1973), which was hailed as the most fantastic Dutch movie of all time. Following his success in films like Soldier of Orange (1977) and Spetters, he was offered roles in American productions like Nighthawks (1981) and Blade Runner.

Rutger is mainly known to his audience for his outstanding performance in Blade Runner.

How did Rutger Hauer Die?

Rutger passed away on July 19, 2019, at 75, owing to sickness, although the precise cause of death remains a mystery to date. The funeral was held in secret on July 24 of that same year.

Ayesha Hauer’ Career - How did she become an actress?

After graduating from high school, Ayesha started her career as a model and participated in many modeling projects. But as time passed, she began to show interest in acting. Well, who could blame her, looking at her family background? 

She started her acting career with the movie "Witchcraft V: Dance with the devil as Anastasia" in 1993. Although she acted in various films, she is mainly known for working in the movie Kick-off death, where she played Alia, and also in the movie At Ground Zero.

She also has a passion for acting like her father, a great actor, had done movies like Bladerunner and Nighthawks.

Furthermore, she always enjoyed watching her father's movies and television shows when she was a child. It could have been the driving factor for her to be an actress.

Ayesha Hauer Married Life

Rutgers' daughter exchanged her vows with a famous Hollywood actor Thomas Jane. The couple had acted in many movies together, and their relationship grew soon after they married on December 15, 1989.

Ayesha Hauer Thomas Jane
Ayesha with her ex-hubby, Thomas.

Ayesha's Ex-husband, Thomas Jane. Who is he?

He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States on February 22, 1969. He is Michael Elliott and Cynthia's son.

Thomas is a well-known American actor who has appeared in films including Deep Blue Sea (1998), The Thin Red Line (1998), and Boogie Nights (1997).

Reasons for the Couple to Part Ways

Even though the couple was living a happy life, their marriage ended after five years because of some personal problems and differences.

Putting their matters aside, they worked in a couple of movies together even after their divorce.

Does the Ex-couple have any children together?

Yes, Rutgers daughter Ayesha and Thomas have a son named Leandro Maeder. He was born on December 14, 1987. It is not a surprise that Leandro also followed in his parents' footsteps. He is a model and an actor. 

Ayesha Hauer Son
Ayesha's son Leandro is a model.

Furthermore, As an actor, he has done movies like Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds (2006) and American High School (2009). He is a well-known model who has signed deals with agencies like Sight Management Studio Barcelona, London, d'management group Milan, Elite Toronto, and Success Model Paris.

 Ayesha's son is estimated to have a net worth of $700,000.

Ayesha's Status after Divorce. Is she in a Relationship?

Ayesha has been quite secretive after the divorce from her then-husband Thomas Jane. But some sources say that she hasn't married and is single.

Whereas, following their divorce, Thomas wed Patrica Arquette in 2006. Coincidentally, just like his relationship with Ayesha lasted for five years, the couple also filed for divorce after five years of being together in 2011. Additionally, he dated Natalie Zea in 2009 and Demi Moore in 2012. From 1998 to 2001, he engaged to Olivia d'Abo.

Hauer's Social Media Presence 

Ayesha is not active on any social media platforms and is entirely private about her personal life.

Ayesha Hauer's Physical Appearance and Hobbies 

She has blue-green eyes with blonde hair color, and her height is 5 feet 7 inches with a body weight of 59 kgs. Hauer is currently 56 years old.

Meanwhile, she loves traveling and photography. Similarly, her favorite actor is Tom Cruise and her Actress is Jennifer Lawrence. She loves Italian foods, and her favorite destination is Miami.

How much is Ayesha Hauer' Net Worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2022. Most of her wealth came from her work as a model and actor. Additionally, she made money from sponsorships, ads, and brand collaborations. She furthermore got divorce and child support payments from her former husband, Thomas.

Her late father, Rutger Hauer, was estimated to have a net worth of around $16 million.  

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