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Barbara Roufs was a model, later renowned as an American drag race trophy girl. She was in the spotlight, mostly regarding her beauty. People remembered her as a knockout girl in the golden age of the late seventies.

Unfortunately, after a few successful years as a model, she ended her life by committing suicide in January of 1991. This automatically raised many curious questions and left the public vacant.

So, what set her off to end her own life? Who was she married to? What made her exceptional? Let’s travel back and see-through Barbara's highlights in her sensational life.

Barbara Roufs’ Early Life before public recognition

Born in 1944, Barbara spent her childhood in the streets of Southern California. Speaking of her education, she attended a local private school in her hometown.

According to sources, the model was the daughter of Thelma Ruby Riley and Wayne Riley. Her mother passed away on June 24, 2005, at the age of 86.

She was not the only child in her family. She also had a sister Vivian Deaton and two brothers James Riley, and Bruce Riley. In addition, she also has an adopted brother named Ben Gube.

Barbara’ sensational modeling career in the racing scene

In the early period of the 70s, drag racing competitions were highly evolving. During this era, Barbara started gaining recognition as a model. She later became a trophy girl phenomenon in the racing business in California.

Throughout this interchanging period, fashion was also under a statement of the new adaptation. The perfect timing to set a new trend was forever (still is) everyone’s go-to moment.

Barbara Roufs racing model
Barbara Roufs as a racing model.

The model back then presented herself in shorts and short dresses. With her long hair and never wearing bras, she set a standard for other models in the drag race.

Moreover, she was one of the most attractive and charming women of her time and has frequently presented herself and proved worthy of all the hype she received. Her easy-going personality and blessed features went hand in hand with her modeling career in the racing scene.

What's more, she had her passion diverted not only as a trophy queen but also towards how she presented herself in the public eye. She was confidently the talk of the town whenever she presented the drag race trophy. These excellent characteristics remain iconic in history.

Who was Barbara Roufs' husband?

According to sources, Barbara was already a mother of two at the age of 29, around the same time when she was in the limelight. From the beginning of her life, she loved remaining secretive from the public eyes.

Barbara Roufs husband
Barbara Roufs modeling in the drag racing scene.

Due to her secretive nature, she rarely revealed any information about her husband or boyfriend, with whom she shared her children. What's more, until her death, there was no mention of her marriage. 

Barbara Roufs daughters

Back in 2016, a photographer Tom West had posted old pictures of the race trophy girl on his website. Some time after the photographs became public, one of Barbara's daughters Jet Dougherty came out in the open. Her appearance send waves around Southern California since the public never knew anything about Barbara's private life.

Jet stated that her mother had some of her happiest days in the racing scene. She also mentioned how her mother always wanted to be famous and considering how fans are searching about her on the internet, her dream seems to have come true.

Besides, Jet Dougherty is also a mother with a daughter named Crystal Dougherty. Meanwhile, information about Barbara's second daughter is still kept private.

Barbara Roufs’ Death: What made her to take such a drastic decision?

We can all say Barbara lived her life well even though it was a short one. According to sources, she committed suicide and died in January 1991 at the age of 47. 

This took place just after a few years she quit the racing industry. The reason for her suicide is still dissolved in mystery. 

Barbara Roufs death
Barbara posing for a shoot.

The public was baffled when the news of her demise surfaced. Many felt sorry and heartbroken that they couldn’t help protect herself from whatever she was going through.

Tom West, who at that time used to take pictures of the model, also sent his tribute to the trophy girl. The photographer was her close friend as he worked with her on several photoshoots. He often visited her family but never leaked any information about them.

Despite everything, Barbara engaged and lead herself in one exciting life. She was the sexiest and hot drag race trophy queen in California.

How much was Barbara' net worth?

Barbara had a successful career and made a fortune between the late 1970s to early 1990s. Her net worth was around $1.5 - $2.5 million during this period.

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