Jahan Yousaf: The Producer Of Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

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Jahan Yousaf is a member and producer of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). She is also known as the DJ of the music band Krewella. The band Krewella consists of two members Jahana herself and her sister Yasmine Yousaf. She is a member of the band for long years and has also released a number of music albums so far.

While her professional details are quiet in the media, the information about her dating life has remained private. So, let's find out who is Jahan dating in 2022. Has Yousaf ever linked with Casey Deidrick?

Here is everything you are looking for her life including her love for tattoos, parents, siblings, and many other interesting facts!

Jahan Yousaf's Parents And Siblings

Jahan was born on 27th August 1989 in Northbrook, Illinois. As of 2022, she is 31 years old. Yousaf is the daughter of Sohail Yousaf and Neda. She holds the zodiac sign of Virgo and has dual nationality that is American and Pakistani.

As for her ethnicity, Jahan has a mixed ethnical background as her mother Neda has Polish/German/Lithuanian descent. As per the sources, her father moved to the US from Pakistan for a better future. He currently works as a realtor in California.

Jahan spent her childhood in Chicago, Illinois alongside her parents and sisters, Aisha and Yasmine. It seems like she has good bonding with her both of her sisters.

Jahan Yousaf with her 2 sisters
Jahan with her sisters Aisha and Yasmine

Talking about her educational life, Jahan who is fond of music completed her schooling at Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook.

Career Details: Jahan Runs The Band "Krewella" Along With Her Sister Yasmine

As already said before, Yousaf is now a core member of the band Krewella. She works as a producer and DJ for the band. Talking more about the musical band, it is an electronic dance music band from the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois. The band was formed in 2007 along with the Yousaf sisters and one other member Kris Trindl. The music style of Krewella is mostly known as EDM, dance rock, hardstyle, and dance-pop.

Krewella three members when it was formed
Jahan with the 2 Krewella members Yasmine Yousaf and Kris Trindl

The trio was actually created by Jahan during her school life with her sister Yasmine and Kris Trindl, where all of them were studying at the same school Glenbrook North High School.

At first, everything was going well and the trio was getting huge success. They received plenty of contracts and also released a number of songs. But, things did not work well and the trio later split out in 2104. After the band dissolved, Kris left group.

Kris Trindl Filed An $5 Million Lawsuit Against Yousaf Sisters

As we said earlier that Trindl sued the Yousaf sisters for $5 million after he was allegedly kicked out of the group without his own will. He said while the band was still at the height of its success took a short break from his musical career to recover from his alcohol addiction.

Therefore, Kris went to rehab to get over it and fully recovered, so that, he could rejoin the band. Following his recovery, he was back and rejoined the band.

But, Kris already quit drinking and stopped partying. First of all, the Yousaf sisters also did not like Kris rejoining the band and they couldn't accept the truth that Kris wouldn't party anymore. Further, they thought that Kris was still in depression and the sisters started to take benefit of it. They eventually denied Kris's membership in the group.

As per Kris, since the two sisters started to ignore Kris and did not want him to be in the group, he filed a lawsuit for $5 million against the two members of Krewella, Yasmine and Jahan.

But, on the other hand, the Yousaf sisters claimed that Kris left the group by his own intention.

Was Jahan Yousaf and Kris Trindl Ever In a Romantic Relationship?

Despite the fact that Kris left the group, Kris and Jahan were in a romantic relationship while in high school. They both were pretty interested in the music and thought of making the band. The ex-couple later included Jahan's sister Yasmine too.

When the band got formed, they were still dating. However, the reports of their split never came out to the media.

Did Jahan Actually Get Success Through The Band Krewella?

The answer is yes. She actually rose to fame through the band "Krewella." At first, Kris was the producer of the band, so Jahan and her sister released a lot of songs.

But when the band Krewella signed to be a partner of the EDM youtube channel, they got a contract to sign with Monstercat music label. After the contract, in December 2011, the band released its first song Killing It. And it later promoted through social media and the EDM Youtube channel.

They later came up with their first album Get Wet, which also listed on US Billboards within a few days.

Awards Of Jahan Yousaf

As Jahan has a huge fan following, she is loved and praised by everyone. She has done many live concerts too. As a result, she won the International Dance Music Award for Best Breakthrough Artist on 2012.

Is Jahan Yousaf Really Dating Casey Deidrick?

Many sources say Jahan once dated an American actor Casey Deidrick. They reportedly started dating in 2013. On September 27, 2013, Jahan even posted a picture of them with the caption “the tree and the troll. 🌲👹 @caseydeidrick.”

Jahan with her Actor boyfriend
Jahan and her boyfriend Casey Deidrick

Though, as of 2022, there is no recent update on whether the couple is still dating or not, some sources claim that the two are still items.

Who is Her Boyfriend Casey Deidrick?

Her reported beau Deidrick is an American actor and singer. He is best known for appearing in the role of Chad Dimera on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives.

He was born on April 25, 1987. As of 2022, the actor is 35 years old. He was born to the parents Jon Deidrick, who works as an IBEW 332 Union electrician, and mother Denise Deck, who is a nurse.

Tattoo Lover Jahan Yousaf

Jahan is a tattoos freak. She has at least 10 known tattoos like the number 6-8-10 on her neck. Similarly, she has inked a mandala on her forearm, a rose on her neck, a tattoo of Kurt Kobain on her right forearm, and many more.

Jahan's tattos hold a different meaning
Tattoos freak Jahan Yousaf

Jahan Inked the Tat 6-8-10 with Two Other Members of Krewella

Talking about the story behind the tattoo, it all happened while the ex-trio Jahan, Yasmine, and Kris decided to drop school and wanted to form a music band of their own. The trio dropped out of school on 8th June 2010, so to make the day memorable they all decided to ink that date as 6-8-10. Both sisters Jahan and Yasmine inked the number on their neck, whereas Krish inked on his arm.

Jahan once explained why she inked a tattoo on her neck,

"I love neck tattoos, I’ve always loved it. For some reason everytime I get a tattoo, I like putting tattoos in dangerous places, because I love the idea of not regretting anything. And in twenty years I might have a really gross wrinkly neck, but whatever, you live with your mistakes."

As already mentioned before she also has a rose tattoo on her neck which also holds a short story,

"On the roses: “I love the idea of every rose has a thorn, everything that’s beautiful has something ugly with it, too. It also represents how I feel about success, you have to suffer in order to succeed. You have to try and fail, and try to win, and you have to sink to swim, that whole idea. I have a tattered rose where the petals of the rose kind of have holes in them. I love the idea of things that are beautiful in nature that have flaws in them too."

How Much Does Jahan Earn?

Yousaf has earned quite a decent amount of fortune from her musical career. And, as of 2022, her net worth is $1 million.

Her Social Media Handel

Jahan is pretty active on every social media handle. Among all the social media, Jahan is highly active on Instagram, where she posts about her daily life.

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