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Kristen Zang is an American actress, model, and Businesswoman. She is famous for her movies like Opposite Day and Hollywood. Not only in the movies but she has been featured in different ad campaigns and magazines.

Besides her acting career, she gained full media coverage during her romantic relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Moreover, Zang is also an animal lover. She owns a company named Emma's Lou's Homemade Kitchen which specializes in dog nutrition.

Today, this article intends to explore the personal and professional life of Kristen Zang. Where is she today? Is she single or what? Let's get to know more about her.

Kristen Zang' Early life

She was born on June 22, 1974, in Battle Creek, Michigan USA. Her birth name is Kristen Erica Zang. She is the daughter of Vernon, a manager of the Michigan Department of State Police, and Katherine Zang, a pediatrician.

Tragically, her mother Katherine passed away in August 2021. Besides, the 48 years old actress is Caucasian and has American nationality.

Kristen Zang Parent
Kristen Zang with her mother Kathy.

Regarding her education, she did her high school at Royal Oak Kimball High School in Michigan. Right after completing high school, at the age of 17, she ran away from her home to pursue a career in the glamorous field. She moved to Los Angeles and then started modeling with Elite Models (a chain modeling agency).

Kristen Zang's Siblings

She has two siblings with whom she grew up, Tara Winans, and Michael Zang.

Kristen Zang's Modelling and Acting Career

Professionally, she began modeling with Elite Models. Gradually, Zang made her presence in the TV series 'Dharma and Greg' in the episode named The Dutch Treat as Victoria's Secret model. Further, Warner Bros, a film production company, featured her in the catalog that got printed later.

Subsequently, she made her debut in the movie named, All My Friends are Cowboys in 1998. In this particular movie, she played the role of Jenny. Likewise, Kristen made an appearance as 'Savannah' in her next movie Love and Sex in 2000. Similarly, she made her presence in other movies like Opposite Day, Raw Deal, Hollywood, and many more.

Kristen Zang is an owner and the Founder of a Company

She has her own company named Emma Lou's Homemade Kitchen, established in January 2008. It is located in Beverly Hills, California. The company has its branch in Eugene, Oregon.

She formed the company in order to offer high-quality homemade food for the animals (especially dogs). Except for the owner and founder, Zang is also the head chef for the company.

Furthermore, she often visits dog rescue programs. In the same way, she prefers to involve in charity work in Los Angeles.

How did Kristen Zang think of starting a Company? 

She had an adopted puppy named Emma, who later was diagnosed with distemper, a contagious disease caused by contaminated food. She wanted to save Emma and subsequently started learning about the nutrition required for dogs. Her attempt to learn about nutrition was, at the time, just to save Emma.

Despite her effort, her adopted dog Emma died of distemper and later her knowledge of nutrition worked for a big cause. She subsequently founded a company to offer human-grade delicacies to animals especially dogs, to keep them far from consuming poor-quality food. She named her company after her late dog Emma.

Today, Zang, as a head chef of the company, is using her culinary skill and her wide knowledge of nutrition to provide human-grade food for dogs. Side by side, she often walks out for a dog rescue program.

Kristen Zang's High Profile Relationships 

Speaking about her relationship, she has shared a romantic relationship with the famous actors of Hollywood, Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio. Let's talk in detail about her high-profile relationship.

Relationship with Ghost Rider actor Nicolas Cage

In the year 1992, she started dating the Ghost Rider actor Nicolas Cage. At the time, she was a teenager and was a swimsuit model. Though we don't know how the couple first met, we can assume they might've come across each other while working in the entertainment industry.

Soon, Cage decided to take their relationship to the next level and subsequently proposed to Zang. At the time of their engagement, Nicholas was 28 while Zang was 19.

But slowly and gradually, some differences started appearing in their relationship. According to some sources, even after they were planning to settle down, Nicolas was acting like a single guy and used to avoid her calls. As a result, they both decided to go their separate ways in December 1994.

Relationship with the Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio

After her break-up with Nicholas, Kristen started dating Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the year 1995. Initially, they were in a private relationship but officially came out in public as a couple on 24, October 1996 during the premiere of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Mann Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

The former flames were in deep love. Leo, who is known for having many girlfriends, said, 'It was love at first sight with Kristen'. What's more, in the year 1997, he moved out of his mother's home to settle down with his then-gf Zang. Safe to say, she was Leonardo's first-ever long-term girlfriend.

Kristen Zang and Leonardo DiCaprio
Kristen and Leonardo attended Romeo and Juliet premiere.

Nevertheless, their relationship was filled with lots of trouble due to Leo's constant sighting of different women. Consequently, their relationship started falling apart. Hereafter, they were never seen with each other. On their break-up, a source close to Kristen said,

She broke up with Leonardo because of not wanting to deal with the hassle of dating a famous actor.

Rumor on Kristen Zang's Rumored Relationship

Sources say she dated Leonardo DiCaprio's stepbrother Adam Farrar. Also, there was a rumor that due to Adam and Kristen's relationship, there was a coldness between the brothers.

Further, there was gossip about her short relationship with the Broadway actor Constantine Maroulis. Likewise, there are reports of her dating NXS singer Michael Hutchence, an Australian Musician.

Kristen Zang' Marital Status

Talking about her current relationship status, she is a married woman. She tied the knot with Shea Dale on March 15th, 2014. Her husband is in the construction business and is the owner of Shea-Built Construction. Further, her spouse does remodeling and new construction in the Eugene area.

Kristen Zang husband
Kristen Zang with her husband. Source: Her husband's Insta account

There is not much information about how their relationship began, considering Kristen lives a life behind closed doors. Regardless, their relationship is going pretty well and given they are married since 2014, we can say they the lovebirds started dating several years ago.

Now, both of them are quite private when it comes to their personal life still, they have shared a handful of photos with each other on their respective social media account.

Kristen's husband once shared a romantic picture of the two, commemorating their fourth wedding anniversary.

Kristen Zang Spouse
Kristen's husband commemorates their fourth wedding anniversary.

As of 2022, they are enjoying their eighth year together as a couple.

Does Kristen Zang share any kids?

This is probably one of the most asked questions about Kristen. The fact that she is in a marital relationship for almost a decade, there is bound to be curious if she has welcomed a child or not.

Well, due to Kristen's private nature, she has not revealed if she is a mother of not.

Where is Kristen Zang living today?

Currently, she is residing in Los Angeles, California.

Kristen Zang's Social Media Presence

She is on Facebook and Instagram. She has a Facebook account, where she is pretty much active in showing her personal and professional life. What's more, she also operates her company, Emma Lou's Kitchen's Instagram account.

Kristen Zang's Net Worth

She has a net worth is $500,000 as she accumulates a large amount of money from her own company which lies in two different states Oregon, and California.

Besides, Zang also earned money from her modeling and acting work.

Quick Facts

Name: Kristen Zang

Profession: Actress, Owner, and founder of company Emma Lou's Homemade Kitchen

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye color: Grey

Height: 5 feet 10 inch

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Nationality: American

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