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Maceo Shane Rapaport is a famous star kid. He is the son of a famous American actor and comedian Michael Rapaport and Nichole Beattie, a movie producer and a screenwriter.

Talking about his education there is no further information available about his schooling and education qualifications. But as per his age, he might be enrolling in a high school.

So, in today's episode let's dig more information about the personal and professional life of a famous star kid Maceo Shane Rapaport.

Maceo Shane’s parents, grandparents, and many more

Maceo was born in  December 2002 and in December of 2022, he will be 20. But his actual date of birth is not available. Meanwhile, he grew up with his brother Julian Ali Rapaport who is just two years older than him.

Moreover, his grandparents are David Rapaport and June Brody. His grandmother is a radio personality. Information about his grandfather is not available. 

Julian Rapaport Michael Rapaport Maceo Shane Rapaport
Maceo Rapaport, Michael Rapaport, and Julian Rapaport in an event of film festival

Likewise, his aunt Claudia Lonow is also an American actress, comedian, television writer, and producer. She is widely popular for portraying Diana Fairgate in the American TV drama, Knots Landing. On the other hand, his uncle Erik Rapaport is an Entrepreneur, Information Architect, and project manager who lives in Los Angeles.

How is the relationship between Maceos parents going on?

Nichole Beattie has best established herself as a talented actress portraying several roles on several TV series like Prison Break, Deep Blue Sea, and The War at Home. Moreover, she is also a talented writer as well as a producer with credits on season one of Prime Suspects and two episodes of The Walking Dead season three. 

Maceo Shane Rapaport parent
Michael Rapaport with his ex-wife Nichole Beattie

Talking about the relationship between Nichole and Michael, well, they are divorced. They decided to separate after seven years of marriage.

The former flames first met each other in the late 90s and started to date. They got married on 15th January 2000. However, there is no further information about how their wedding ceremony was.

Moreover, the couple had two baby boys in the gap of two years. After several years of togetherness and having babies together the pair called it off and got separated following the legal laws. Both of them were given joint custody of their kids. 

Maceo Rapaport's parents now

After separating from each other Nichole never got married again. On the other hand, there is no strong information about her dating life after her divorce from Micheal. Meanwhile, Micheal tied the knot with Kebe Dunn who happens to be his girlfriend in the early 90s.

=Michael Rapaport spouse Kebe Dunn
Michael Rapaport with his wife Kebe Dunn in an award ceremony

They got married in 2016 and they are yet to have kids.

However, the duo had a controversial past together when they were dating. As a report by several media Micheal used to call Kebe even after their breakup and used to go to her apartment in the middle of the night. He even broke the glass of her apartment windows.

 Is Maceo Rapaport active on any social media platforms?

Talking about his social media activeness, he is not active on any sort of social media. As if he seems to be a quite private person.

On the other hand, his dad Micheal is quite active on social media. He has already bagged 2.2 million followers on Instagram.  

Is Maceo Rapaport dating anyone?

Talking about his relationship status, there is no information available about who he might be dating. Only the time will reveal what his relationship status is like. But as of now considering all his facts, he might be focusing on his study to pursue his career.

What is the net worth of Maceo Rapaport?

Maceo is still a teenager to have his net worth. On the other hand, his father Micheal Rapaport has a net worth of $12 million which he earned through his acting career and businesses.

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