Who is Andrew Shingange? All About Trevor Noah's Brother

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Andrew Shingange is the half-brother of the popular talk show host and comedian, Trevor Noah. He also has a biological brother named Isaac Shingange from his parents' marriage.

Talking about his childhood, Andrew, had to face a lot of physical and mental abuse by his father. In fact, there were quite a lot of legal dramas in his family because his dad was truly a criminal type. Let's find out are Andrew's father and mother still married? Did you know Andrew’s dad once shoot his mother in her head?

Well, here are all the answers to your questions. In the article below, we will talk about his siblings, net worth, and more!

Andrew Shingange Full Bio: His Early Details and Ethnicity

Andrew was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. While his exact date of birth is yet to be revealed, Shingange was born in the 1980s. At that time, Africa was under Apartheid rule, a rule of White people upon Black people.

where is Andrew Shingange now?
Andrew is the half-brother of comedian Trevor Noah.

Talking about his nationality, the celebrity sibling is an African and has a mixed ethnical background. His mother Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah who is Xhosa belongs to Nguni ethnic group.

Andrew Shingange's Father Was Abusive: His Mother's Previous Interracial Marriage

Andrew is the son of Ngisaveni Abel Shingange (father) and Patricia Nombuyiselo (mother). Patricia was previously married to her ex-spouse Robert Noah who was of Swiss-German ancestry. In fact, Robert’s relationship with Andrew’s mother Patricia was illegal as no other race was allowed to have intimate relations. As a result, they had to face a lot of criticism and harassment every day. At the time, the family was often attacked by fellow Africans.

After some time, his mother Patricia went on to marry her second husband Ngisaveni. However, Abel was an abusive man and was involved in domestic violence. The old man even abused Andrew and his brother mentally and physically.

Eventually, the abuse was too much for the family, and Patricia decided to start a new life with her children. So, Andrew's dad and mom legally separated in 1996. Following their divorce, Nombuyiselo got married to Sfiso Khoza.  

Andrew Shingange’s Mother Patricia was Shot In The Head By His Father

Patricia, after marrying Sfiso was living her life in peace. Nevertheless, one day in the early morning, when Patricia and Andrew were returning from church, they came across a drunk man who was actually Andrew's dad Abel. As soon as they saw each other, Abel said that Patricia ruined his life. While both parties were in an argument, Abel pulled out a gun and came toward his ex-wife and tried to shoot her but his gun couldn't trigger as it was jammed.

Following the attempt, Patricia pushed her ex-spouse and ran toward her car. But, Abel again followed Patricia and shot her and the bullet went through her head and neck and embedded in her shoulder. She was immediately taken to the hospital in the United Kingdom by her son Andrew.

After that, Abel was charged with an attempt to murder and went to jail. But, after 3 years, Abel was released on bail.

His Education

He attended Sandringham High School and then went on to enroll at Damelin Eden High School Randburg, followed by Sandringham High School.

Andrew Shingange’s Siblings

He has a biological sibling named Isaac Shingange. In addition, Andrew also has a half-brother named Trevor Noah from his mother's relationship with his ex-husband Robert Noah. Trevor Noah is one of the top comedians and well-known artists all over the world.

Shingange’s Half-Brother Trevor Noah

Trevor was born on 20th February 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa. As we mentioned above, Trevor’s father and mother's relationship was illegal at the time of his birth. South Africa was at its peak of racism and as per the rule in Africa, being born by a mixed-raced was not accepted which even made Trevor’s birth invalid.

Talking about his career, Trevor became the first African stand-up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show. Trevor is also a writer who published a book named Born a Crime.

Furthermore, Trevor is the host of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah which is one of the top-rated shows with an 8.3 IMDb rating with millions of viewers all over the world.






























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The veteran comedian also has a strong social media presence and has a huge fan following of 75 million followers on his Instagram.

Andrew’s Step-Father Robert Noah

His step-dad Noah is a popular businessman, chef, and media personality. Moreover, Robert is famous as the father of renowned comedian, Trevor Noah. He currently resides in the USA with his son Trevor. He is around 83 or 84 years old by now.

Is Andrew Shingange Married? If Yes, Who is His Wife?

Andrew is married and is living with his wife in Gauteng, South Africa. The information about his marriage detail is yet to be revealed but sources say they are well settled and married happily.

Looking at his social media, Andrew is also the father of one kid with his mysterious wife. At present, the celebrity sibling resides in Johannesburg, Gauteng with his family.

Andrew Shingange’s Net worth

According to many reports, his net worth by 2022 is $500,000. Talking about his half-brother, Trevor who has a wonderful career as a TV show host and stand-up comedian has an estimated net worth of around $150 million in 2022.

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