Who Is Gray Audrey Bratcher? Details On Jenna von Oÿ's Daughter

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Quick Facts
Full Name Gray Audrey Bratcher
Birth Place Nashville
Birthday May 22, 2012
Age 11
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Brad Bratcher
Mother Jeena Von Oÿ
Siblings Marlowe Monroe Bratcher
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Single

Gray Audrey Bratcher is the elder daughter of an American actress, singer, and author, Jenna von Oÿ, a leading actress famous for her role as Dorothy on the 90s sitcom Blossom.

Similarly, her father, Brad Bratcher is also an American data consultant and is currently serving as an Account Executive at Consensus Point. He is a renowned leader in Prediction Markets and was the director of client services for the respective company.  

After 6 years of Gray's birth, her's parents got divorced. Why did the couple split? Let's find out the reason for Gray's parents' divorce including Gray's date of birth, the meaning of her name, age & net worth.

Meet The Elder Daughter Of Actress Jeena Von Oÿ, Gray Audrey Bratcher

Gray Audrey Bratcher was born on May 22, 2012, to Jeena Von Oy and Brad Bratcher in Nashville at 4:51 pm. She weighed 7lbs, 6oz, and was 18 inches long during her birth. And her age is 10 in 2023. 

Gray Audrey Bratcher's elder daughter of Jenna von Oÿ
Gray Audrey Bratcher with her Pet

Gray Audrey Bratcher's parents were really excited about their first child. Jeena stated to PEOPLE,

“Brad and I are, of course, ecstatic she’s here and we are madly in love with her already. It’s truly unimaginable how quickly she wrapped us around her little finger!” 

Besides, Gray comes from Caucasian ethnic background and is of American nationality. 

Talking about her sibling, she has a younger sister, named Marlowe Monroe Bratcher, who was born on November 1, 2014. 

What Is The Meaning Of Her Name? 

While speaking about her name, Gray stands for her first name, which denotes calmness and being neutral, and Andrey for her middle name which denotes noble strength.

Who Are The Parents Of Gray Audrey Bratcher? Details On Heritage And Career

Gray's mother Jennifer jean "Jenna" Von Oy is a prominent actress, singer, and novelist. She was born on May 2, 1977, in Danbury, Connecticut, U.S. to Gloria (mother) and Frank Von Oy (father).  

Concerning her mother's career, Jeena started her career as a child actor in regional stage productions and commercials.  And she began her acting career in 1986 when she made her debut in an ABC Weekend Special episode. She also spent one year as a co-star in the ephemeral CBS sitcom Lenny.  Similarly, in the American TV sitcom Blossom, she portrayed the role of fast-talking Six Lemeure. 

Additionally, the actress has given standout performances in a number of movies and television shows, including Cold Case, Family Guy, Born on the Fourth of July, and Battle of the Network Stars.

In addition to her performing career, she works as the assistant editor and leads Nashville writer for Nashville-based lifestyle blog StyleBlueprint.

Gray's Father Is A Computer Data Consultant

The 11-year-old's father, Brad is a computer data consultant in Newtown, Connecticut. He was born on May 2 1969 in the USA. Her father Brad has completed his graduation from David Lipscomb University with Marketing, Communication, and Media Studies degree. 

Regarding his professional life, Brad first started as a Director of Client Service at Consensus Point and is currently serving as an Account Executive. He is also popular for being a leader in Prediction Markets. 

Details Of Gray's Parent's Marriage And Divorce

It all began in 2008 when Brad, Gray's father, met his future bride, Jeena, for the first time. They both met at a wine bar in Nashville and started a romantic relationship.

Gray and her sister Marlowe
Gray's Sister Marlowe Looks Alike, Gray

On New Year's Eve 2009, Brad proposed to Blossom caster Jenna with a diamond ring. The marriage supposedly took place on the grounds of Jeena's former teacher's new breakfast business. 

Likewise, after a year, the couple walked down the aisle on October 1 2010 in Newtown, Connecticut, Unites States. And the union of 10 years blessed them with two beautiful daughters, they are Gray Audrey Bratcher and Marlow Monroe Bratcher. 

Her Parents Got Divorce In 2020

After being together for 10 years, the former couple decided to end their marriage in 2020. However, the actual reason for their divorce hasn't been exposed. Furthermore, the former couple is still living a single life and we are unaware if the couple has started dating a different person. Likewise, they have never before been connected to any controversies or speculations.

Does Gray Have A Boyfriend? 

Gray is only a 10-year-old girl. Therefore, it is next impossible for her to have a boyfriend or could find a suitable partner for herself. As of now, the star kid is solely focused on her school and her hobbies. 

Gray Audrey Bratcher's Net Worth

It is clear that the 10-year-old has not yet made money because she has never engaged in any type of profession. She is however leading a lavish and contented life as the daughter of a wealthy mother.

Since then, her mother, Jeena has earned over, $ 2 million from her profession as an actress, singer, and author. Likewise, her father works as a consultant and is believed to have a $1 million net worth.

Keys Takeaway

  • Gray Audrey Bratcher was born on May 22, 2012, to Jeena Von Oy and Brad Bratcher in Nashville
  • During her birth, She weighed 7lbs, 6oz, and was 18 inches long. 
  • She has a younger sister, named Marlowe Monroe Bratcher, who was born on November 1, 2014.
  • Gray's mother, Jeena is a famous actress, singer, and novelist, and was born on May 2, 1977, in Danbury, Connecticut, U.S. 
  • Bratcher's father, Brad is a computer data consultant in Newtown, Connecticut was born on May 2 1969 in the USA.
  • Her parents were engaged in 2009 on New Year's Eve and got married on October 1, 2010, but sadly split in 2020. 

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