Who is Kelly Cobiella? All About Her Personal and Professional Life

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Kelly Cobiella is an American media personality and reporter. Kelly began her journalism career at Grand Junction, Colorado. She later worked on various news channels including KJCT TV, CBS News, and NBC News.

Cobiella came into the limelight after the reporter covered a racist News about Prince Charles while working as a London correspondent for CBS News. Let's find out what the controversy was all about?  

Well, while her professional life is quite open in the media, what about her personal life? Is Kelly married to anyone? Let’s find out everything about her in the following article! 

Kelly Cobiella Early Life and Education

Cobiella was born in 1973, in Frankfurt Germany. However, the information about her early life including her parents and sibling are still missing.

She did her schooling in Frankfurt. After completing high school, Kelly moved to America with her parents and joined the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989. And the journalist graduated from the college with a Bachelor of Art (BA) degree in International Relations and Affairs in 1993. 

Besides, talking about her ethnicity, Cobiella is Caucasian and belongs to British nationality.

How Did Kelly Start Her Journalism Career?

Kelly Cobielle, after completing her graduation started working as an anchor for KJCT TV. She later became a weather forecasting reporter at the channel. Soon, Kelly started working on CBS News, one of the renowned News Channels in the US.

Kelly Cobiella with her team
Kelly with her team members.

After working as a reporter for CBS News, Cobielle got an opportunity to be a correspondent in London for CBS News Path in 2003. Over the years, Cobielle has covered many top stories which include Haiti Earthquake, the Afghanistan war, Post Iraq Invasion, BP Oil Spill, and many more.

What is Cobielle Doing At Present? Her Other Works 

Cobiella is one of the hard-working on-air personalities. She has worked as a reporter and writer in several high-profile cities including New York, Miami, Dallas, and various other parts of the US.

Her journey from being an anchor on a local TV channel to a world-class reporter has been fascinating and a source of inspiration to several promising media personalities. As of 2022, Kelly works on NBC as a London correspondent. Furthermore, the reporter has also worked on many programs such as Good Morning America, ABCnews.com, World News Tonight, and many more.

Apart from being a TV host, Cobielle is also known to be a producer and a yoga instructor. 

Her Achievements

Kelly won Emmy Awards in 2010 for outstanding Economic and Business Reporting while working with NBC news. Additionally, the journalist also got two Emmy Award nominations for her outstanding coverage of Newscasts in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Allegation Against Kelly Cobiella

In 2021, it is believed that Kelly passed a racist comment on Prince Charles’s state of affairs. However, there isn’t any strong evidence to support what was exact comment but this incident later began to circulate among huge masses. As a result, Cobiella even had to face lots of problems. 

In fact, Kelly is known for bringing the truth in front of an audience and has never been unfair or unpleasant in her job so, this might be the case of some misunderstanding.

Is Kelly Cobielle Married? Her Ultra-Secret Love Life

Yes, the 46-year-old American journalist Kelly has been married to an Englishman for several years. She has also mentioned herself as married on her Facebook profile. Nevertheless, the details about Kelly Cobielle's husband are yet to be revealed. 

Is Kelly Cobiella Married?
Kelly is married to an unknown guy for a long.

Sources say the couple got married in April 2011 and the wedding took place privately with family members and limited friends. She also shares a son with her spouse. 

Where Does Cobielle Reside? Her Social Media Presence

Kelly lives in London, England with her husband and a son. Even though the media personality has kept her personal life secret, Kelly is active on social media handles like Facebook and Twitter with thousands of followers. 

Mostly, Cobielle posts about herself on her social media profiles.

Kelly Cobiella’s Net Worth

Kelly is one of the well-renowned Journalists all over the world. And her estimated net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022. Needless to mention, her major source of income is her journalism career.

Talking about her salary, she makes around $66,000-$70000 per annum. 

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