Who is Madeline Khan’s Husband, John Hansbury?

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John W. Hansbury is the celebrity husband of the late actress, and singer, Madeline Kahn. Kahn is an actress who played memorable roles in Paper Moon(1974), and Young Frankenstein(1975) among others.

Apart from John’s fame as late Madeline Kahn’s former husband, what else is there to know about John’s life? Further, how did John Hansbury first meet his now late wife?

Here in this article, we shall find out many interesting facts about John Hansbury including his age, career, wife, and net worth.

Who is John Hansbury?

The late Madeline Kahn’s husband John was born on June 1, 1951, in Rockport, USA. As of now, he is 71 years old. He is the son of Stephan (father) and Susan (mother). Moreover, he has an anglo-Saxon origin and has American nationality.

When he was a child, John moved to Oberlin with his parents to complete his high school where he attended a local school. Since he liked debates from his childhood, it motivated him to become an attorney so he joined Antioch School of Law for his Bachelor’s degree.

John Hansbury is an Attorney

After receiving his JD, John became a fully-fledged lawyer. Since 1977, he has been registered as an attorney and he specializes in industries, government, and business.

Moreover, after his wife Madeline's passing due to Ovarian cancer, he became a member of OCRA and vowed to help people fight ovarian cancer by creating awareness and campaigning for improved ovarian cancer treatment. Later, he became chairperson of that organization.

John Hansbury is famous for his marriage to Madeline Kahn

The former couple met in 1989 at music composer Jonathan Sheffer’s birthday party where Madeline was invited as it was also the party in the honor of their friend Gail Jacobs. This is where Hansbury first met his future wife Kahn.

Additionally, they liked each other’s company from the moment they met. Regarding that night, Jacob stated, "It was the start of a romantic relationship."

John Hansbury Attorney
John was married to Madeline for only two months.

Later on, they started dating though they had 9 years difference. While they were in a romantic relationship, John realized the challenges of Kahn's career and supported her during the worst days of Madeline’s professional and personal downfall.

After decades of dating, the couple married each other on October 10, 1999.

After their marriage, there was a rumor about their relationship being a publicity stunt that affected him internally this is why he stayed out of the limelight.

How did Madeline Kahn Die?

Madeline was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 1998. While she was being diagnosed, Madeline was still working for Cosby. But regardless of her health issue, Madeline still worked while going through treatment simultaneously.

She went through three surgeries along with some experimental treatment. Despite all the efforts, the beautiful actress passed away. She succumbed to the disease, just two months after she married John, on December 3, 1999. She was cremated on December 6, 1999, at Garden Gate Cemetary.

Who was John Hansbury’s wife, Madeline Kahn?

She was born on September 29, 1942, the daughter of Freda and Bernard B. Wolfson. She was Jewish by ethnicity. Kahn was born and raised in Boston. Also, Kahn had two half-siblings from each parent by the name of Jeffery and Robyn.

As a child, Madeline was sent to Manumit School and that’s where she was introduced to acting and worked on a few dramas there.

After graduation in 1960 from Man Van Buren High School, Madeline received a drama scholarship from Hofstra University and studied acting, music, and voice therapy.

John Hansbury Now
John's wife is famous for her role in several comedy shows.

Kahn debuted in Kiss Me, Kate as a chorus girl but her film acting journey started with the movie, The Dove in 1968.

Her career rose to stardom after a nomination for best-supporting actress in the movie, Paper Moon(1973). After that, she worked on other projects like Blazing Saddles(1974) and Young Frankenstein (1974) which got nominated for Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

Did John Marry anyone After Madeline?

According to The New York Times, John Walter Hansbury married Carisa Lynne Jackson on Jan 16, 2016. The ceremony was organized at Bill’s Food and Drink, a restaurant in New York.

Talking about the bride, she is the daughter of Daniel J. Jackson and the late Anne L. Jackson. Moreover, Jackson is a partner in Water Island Capital, an investment advisory firm in New York. Furthermore, She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Currently, Hansbury and his wife Mrs. Hansbury are living in New York.

Does Hansbury have any children?

The lovebirds had a complication in their dating period because of Madeline’s acting career. In addition, Madeline was also going through a legal battle against her mother who had sued her numerous year throughout the year.

This must have been the reason Hansbury and Madeline didn't plan on bringing any kids throughout the time they were dating. Moreover, the pair must have thought about welcoming a baby after their marriage but sadly, Madelin didn't make it.

Besides, John also doesn't share any biological kids with his second wife, Carisa, though there are reports that they are planning to adopt a child.

John lives a reclusive life

Well, after the death of his first wife Madeline Kahn, there was a backlash about the marriage being a stunt, as mentioned earlier. He disappeared from the media and doesn’t have any account on any social sites.

John Hansbury’s Networth?

Hansbury has his own Law firm and is chairman of Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance which is the oldest and biggest Ovary cancer charity center, from which he made lots of earnings. In 2022, his estimated wealth was about $1 million.

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