Who Is Pia Bertolotti? What Was The Cause Of Her Sister, Brittany Murphy's Death?

13 Jan 2023   |
Quick Facts
Full Name Pia Jo Reynolds
Popular Name Pia Bertolotti
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthday 1979
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Angelo Bertolotti
Mother N/A
Siblings Jeff Bertolotti, Tony Bertolotti and Brittany Murphy
Profession Realtor and Enterpreneur
Net Worth $3 million
Height 160cm
Weight N/A
Body Measurement N/A
Gender Identity Female
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jason Reynolds (m. 2008)
Children Mali Marola, Karli Chase, Lila and Lucas

Pie Bertolotti is a realtor and entrepreneur who rose to fame as a half-sister of the late American actress and singer Brittany Murphy. Her half-sibling, Brittany was an American actress and singer who had gained massive fans for her portrayal in Don't Say a Word. Similarly, her other remarkable films are Drive, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Summer Catch, 8 Mile, and so on. 

Sadly, her half-sister, Brittany tragically passed away in 2009. Five months later, Brittany's husband Simon Monjack also died. What caused their death? Was that a murder or accident? Let's find out together. 

In the article below, we will explore the circumstances behind the deaths of Pie's sister, Brittany. Also, know about Pie's professional and personal life in detail! 

How Old Is Pia Bertolotti? Her Early Life and College

Pia Bertolotti was born to her father, Angelo Bertolotti, on October 6, 1979, and is 43 years old in 2023. However, details about her mother are still mysterious to her admirer. She holds American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Libra. 

Pia Bertolotti and her husband Jason Reynolds
Pia Bertolotti And Jason Reynolds

After high school, Pia graduated from the Northwest Mississippi Community College. However, the information regarding her schooling is still under wraps. 

Her Siblings

Pia has three siblings where two of them are her own biological brother, Tony Bertolotti and Jeff Bertolotti, and a half-sister, Brittany Murphy. 

Pia Bertolotti And Brittany Murphy Grew Up Separately

According to the source, Murphy and Bertolotti did not grow up together. They were alienated for a very long time when they were just a kid. And they got the chance to meet each other when Murphy was 19 and Pia was 16. 

Her Father, Angelo Is No More 

Pia's father, Angelo Bertolotti, aka "AJ" was injured in battle during World War II while serving his nation. However, the extreme cause of his death revealed yet, but we came to know that he had health issues and passed away on June 22, 2019, at the age of 92 in Los Angeles. And to cover the cost of his burial, his daughter, Pia launched a GoFundMe campaign

Before AJ died, there were rumors about him being involved in the reported death of his daughter Brittany and his son-in-law, Simon Monjack. He was suspicious of their murder. However, before he could come to a conclusion, AJ was attacked by unknown personnel.   

What Were The Reason Behind Brittany And Her Husband's Untimely Death? 

On 20th December 2009, an actress and singer, Britty died, after battling flu-like symptoms for a few days. The cause of her death was Pneumonia.

But according to her sister, Pia, the actress had a fear of dying. She also doesn't think her sister had a habit of drugs but exposed, Brittany had suffered from anxiety-related panic. She stated, 

“Brittany was amazing, effervescent, and charming.” However, I didn’t think she was naïve in the least. “It doesn’t sound like her to be on meth while she was suffering from full-blown paralysing anxiety episodes. I can say with all confidence in my heart she was not addicted to prescription drugs. 

Not only Pia, but her brother, Tony also believes his sister was murdered which he revealed in an interview with Daily Mail.  

Likewise, after five-month of Brittany's death, her spouse Simon Mark Manjack an English screenwriter, film director, and make-up artist also died of the same disease, Pneumonia, and severe anemia in January 2010. 

Brittany Murphy's Sister Pia Bertolotti Is An Entrepreneur And Realtor

Pia started her career as an affiliate Broker in the National Association of Realtors in April 2000. Additionally, according to her LinkedIn profile, she has a variety of expertise who has already worked for numerous companies, including PULSE Outreach, Awaken The Dawn, Hope Baptist Church, The Moring Center, and Life Vantage Corporation.

On the other hand, her late half-sister Brittany Murphy was an actress and a singer. She gained huge popularity from her role as Tai Frasier in Clueless, which also supported her to make an appearance in Freeway and Bongwater. She later appeared in several movies and Television shows such as Don't Say A Woes, Michael Douglas, 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Sin City, Murphy Brown, Kids Incorporated, and others.

Furthermore, she had been nominated for several awards including Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role, Choice Movie Actress-Comedy, Choice Lip Lock, Best Professional Actress, and more. 

Is Pia Bertolotti Married? Her Husband 

Yes, Pia is married to her husband Jason Reynolds, whom she considers her best friend too. The pair exchanged their vows on November 1, 2008, and the duo has been together for around one decade now. 

Pia Bertolotti and Jason with their four children, Mali, Karli, Lila and Lucas
Pia Bertolotti's Family

As per sources, Pia and her husband Jason were in a relationship for some time before the duo wed in 2008 in a private wedding ceremony.

Their Children 

Talking about her kids, Pia is the mother of three little girls and a boy, Mali, Karli Chase, Lila, and Lucas. Unfortunately, the actual insights about their children's ages, birthplace, and schooling are not available to the public yet.

But she often shares her picture with her husband and children on her social media accounts. Moreover, the family is now having a good time in their own residence in Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States. 

How is Pia Bertolotti Rich?

As previously disclosed, Olive native has served several companies and collected huge funds. In the same way, Pia has a net worth of $3 million while her monthly income is $30,000. 

Pia Is Available On Social Media

Bertolotti is a very social person and loves sharing her daily lifestyle. Likewise, she is available on Instagram as @piajoloves and as @EasterPia on Twitter. She has mentioned on her Insta bio as a “daughter + wife + mom of 4 stars." 

She further mentioned her as a "Writer, artist, mobilizer, futurist, cultural architect & lover of all things people. forever wrecked by Jesus.”

Keys Takeaway About Pia

  • Pia Bertolotti's full name is Pia Jo Reynolds and was born on 6 October 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA. 
  • Her father's name is Angelo Bertolotti. 
  • She is now serving as an affiliate broker for the National Association. 
  • She has three siblings, two of them are her own biological brother, Tony Bertolotti and Jeff Bertolotti, and a half-sister, Brittany Murphy. 
  • Bertolotti married Jason Reynolds on November 1, 2008, and is blessed with four children, Mali, Karli, Lila, and Lucas. 
  • Pia has a net worth of around $3 million and earned $30,000 per month. 
  • She is active on IG under the name @piajoloves and as @EasterPia on Twitter. 

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