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Yasmine Yousaf is a lead vocalist of an American electronic dance music band Krewella which was formed in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Yasmine with her sister Jahan has released multiple albums and singles under the band Krewella. She also performs worldwide with her sister which has helped them gain fame and popularity.

Most people know Yasmine from her musical career but do they know about her early life, her professional journey from the beginning, and her boyfriend? We'll be discussing everything you need to know about rising singer and performer in this article.

Yasmine Yousaf's early life

She was born on February 18, 1992, in Houston, Texas. After that Yasmine along with her family moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was 18 years old.

She was born to her father Sohail Yousaf and her mother Neda Yousaf. Sohail Yousaf, 62, is a Pakistani who moved to the United States, and while Neda Yousaf was born Neda Zemliauskas to half german and half Lithuanian parents and currently is of 64 years of age.

Yasmine was always passionate about singing and songwriting from an early age. Hence, she followed her passion and tried her luck multiple times before gaining fame in the music industry.

Yasmine Yousaf is one of the founding members of the Krewella band: Her musical career

Initially, Yasmine was a support vocalist for the indie rock band  'Sunset and Camden' before being associated with her own band Krewella.

Yasmine,  Jahan, and Kris Trindi formed the musical band Krewella in 2007. Krewella is an American musical band that the Yousaf sisters along with Trindi formed in Northbrook, Chicago that primarily focuses on EDM, dance-rock, and dance-pop genres.

The band went on to produce numerous pieces of music before gaining fame. Krewella was signed by the Monstercat music label at the end of 2011 and began to promote the band via social media posts and also by partnering with youtube's EDM channel for larger publicity.

The band released their first original song "killin' it" under the label Monstercat. Moreover, Krewella won the best breakthrough artist at the 2012 International Dance Music award after performing live around the globe.


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The billboards announced that 'Krewella is going to be huge' and listed their debut album 'Get Wet' in the Top 10 of US Billboard 200 in its first week of release. Consecutively the band released their second single Live For The Night partnering with the producer group Cash Cash. Yasmine has been involved in the band till today and together with other members has released many albums and singles.

Yasmine Yousaf is a tattoo lover

The three band members decided to give up their studies and career to give Krewella all the time on June 10, 2008. At first, Yasmine met Kris in Glenbrook North High School where she and her sister used to study. The three members have inked '6-8-10' on their bodies to remember the day of starting together.

Yasmine Yousaf tattoo
Yasmine Yousaf's Kurt Kobain tattoo

Yasmine is a huge fan of the famous American rock band Nirvana. Apart from being just a fan, she has a tattoo of half-dead Kurt Kobain on her right forearm. A fan designed the tattoo for Yasmine.

Former band member Kris Trindi left the Krewella band in 2014

The Krewella band announced that Kris has left the band in September 2014. After that Trindi filed a lawsuit for $5 million against the Yousaf sister. Trindi accused the Yousaf sister of treating him unfairly.

Later the Yousaf sister filed a lawsuit against him. They accused him of being an alcoholic and creating a problem for them while performing live shows.

Yasmine Yousaf with Krewella members
Kris Trindi with Yousaf sisters

Yasmine along with her sister released the band's first single Say Goodbye after Trindi's exit from the band. The single reflected Trindi's exit from the band.

Since then there are only Yousaf sisters in the band and has been releasing a number of albums and singles.

Know about Yasmine Yousaf's sister Jahan Yousaf

Jahan Yousaf is the older sister of Yasmine Yousaf. She was born on August 27, 1989, in Northbrook, Illinois.

Jahan is one of the members of the Krewella band along with her sister. Apart from being just a member, she is also the DJ for the band.

Jahan Yousaf Krewella Yasmine
Jahan Yousaf: Krewella's DJ and Yasmine's sis.

Besides, it was Yasmine who first met Kris Trindi at a frat party when she was 16 years old. This is how they became closer and eventually started a band.

Currently, the Yousaf sisters actively produce numerous albums and singles under their band Krewella.

Who is Yasmine Yousaf dating now?

She is like many other celebrities who prefer to be open about their personal life. Currently, she is dating Devin Oliver and is extremely happy about her relationship with him. We can see the evidence of her boyfriend in her Instagram post.


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Who is Yasmine Yousaf's boyfriend Devin Oliver?

Devin Oliver is an American who is the lead vocalist for the electronicore band 'I see stars'. It was formed in 2006, in Warren, Michigan.

Yasmine Yousaf Devin Oliver
Devin Oliver in Vacation.

His band released their debut album 3-D in 2009. After that, the band has been releasing many albums and singles out of which songs like Calm Snow, Murder Mitten, Running with Scissors, and many more for the band which became a smash hit.

Moreover, Oliver has been actively present in the music industry just like his girlfriend Yasmine Yousaf.

Net worth

Yasmine Yousaf has accumulated a net worth of around $1 million. She is active in the band and performs live on different shows around the world which is essential for her to earn money. Her band also releases pieces of music regularly which is one of her main sources of income.

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